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NOS 180mm Clutch Friction Plates (2)

Product Code: WBC0947

Product OEM: 111 141 191A

Price: £30.00

Genuine VW NOS clutch disc friction plates. Supplied as a pair. These friction plates will require riveting to your original clutch disc centre. more info

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Clutch Disc 180mm

Product Code: WBC0300.

Product OEM: 111 141 031G

Price: £39.00

High quality 180mm clutch disc, used on various air cooled VW's. more info

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Clutch Pressure Plate 180mm

Product Code: WBC0301.

Product OEM: 111 141 025D

Price: £60.00

High quality 180mm clutch pressure plate with centre thrust ring, used on various air cooled VW's. more info

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Clutch Thrust Release Bearing

Product Code: WBC0302.

Product OEM: 111 141 165A

Price: £25.00

High quality clutch thrust release bearing. Generally for VW's up to 1970. more info

Clutch Thrust Release Bearing Clips Heavy Duty (Pair)

Product Code: WBC0303.

Product OEM: 113 141 177A

Price: £3.50

Genuine VW heavy duty clutch thrust release bearing retaining clips. more info

Heavy Duty Pressure Plate Bolt Kit

Product Code: WBC0304.

Product OEM: N 102401

Price: £4.20

Heavy duty bolt and washer set for securing the clutch pressure plate to the flywheel. more info

Clutch Cable LHD 3116mm Mid 1951 - 1959

Product Code: WBC0290.

Product OEM: 211 721 335B

Price: £7.00

3116mm long clutch cable for various years of Splitscreen vans. Left hand drive: Mid 1951 to 1959 1961 to 1967 Right hand drive: 1959 to 1961 more info

Clutch Cable Conduit 335mm 1950-1967

Product Code: WBC0288.

Product OEM: 311 721 361 BU

Price: £6.50

Good quality clutch cable conduit, 335mm in length. more info

Clutch Cable Conduit Rubber Boot

Product Code: WBC0286.

Product OEM: 111 721 365

Price: £3.50

This is the rubber boot that slides onto the end of the clutch cable conduit tube and prevents against the ingression of dirt. more info

Clutch Cable Adjusting Nuts

Product Code: WBC0287.

Product OEM: 111 721 349A

Price: £3.50

M7 adjusting nut and lock nut for the gearbox end of the clutch cable on vehicles with round ended release arm, normally up to 1965. more info

Clutch Operating Shaft Return Spring 1950 - 1959

Product Code: WBC0291.

Product OEM: 111 141 723A

Price: £5.80

This is the return spring for the clutch operating shaft or fork as it is also known. Suitable for early split case transmissions, generally 1950 - 1959. more info