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Donut Style Forward Gearbox Mount 1950-1959

Product Code: WBC0295

Product OEM: 211 301 297

Price: £21.00

This is the forward transmission mounting bush as used on splitscreen buses from 1950-1959. Top quality product. more info

Forward Transmission Mount 1959-1967

Product Code: WBC1464

Product OEM: 211 301 265A

Price: £15.00

Top quality forward gearbox mount for all splitscreen buses from 1959-1967. Mounts between the gearbox nose cone and the chassis. more info

Rear Gearbox Mount Heavy Duty 1950-1967

Product Code: WBC0296

Product OEM: 111 301 263

Price: £10.00

Best quality rear gearbox mount, this is a heavy duty mounting and not to be confused with the cheaper poor quality mounts that fail quickly. Suits buses from 1950 - 1967. Two required per vehicle. more info

Gearbox Cradle 1950-1967

Product Code: WBC0297

Product OEM: 111 301 255A

Price: £20.00

Good quality replacement gearbox cradle. more info

Gearbox Horn Bolt 1950-1967

Product Code: WBC0298

Product OEM: 111 301 257

Price: £7.00

This is the bolt that is used to secure the gearbox cradle to the transmission horns. Two required per vehicle. more info

Gearbox Horn Bolt Washer 1950-1967

Product Code: WBC0299

Product OEM: N 122401

Price: £2.50

This is the washer that mates with the gearbox horn bolt. Two required per vehicle. more info

Forward Gearbox Mount Fixings Kit 1950-1959

Product Code: HF134 A

Product OEM: N 102531

Price: £3.00

Kit contains all the fixings required to install the forward gearbox donut bush on buses from 1950-1959. more info

Rear Gearbox Mountings To Cradle Fixing Kit 1950-1967

Product Code: HF133 A

Product OEM: N 102381

Price: £3.00

Kit includes all the fixings required to install both rear gearbox mounts. High quality stainless steel. more info